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Building growth engines that consistently get customers online for businesses that offer digital products/services is my super power

A growth engine that combines a marketing channel that has the potential to scale, message positioning that oozes authority+authenticity & melts resistance, irresistible offers, and a high-converting funnel and retention system so you can focus on what truly matters with peace of mind and achieve meaningful growth and profit running your online business efficiently.

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Unlock your potential to efficiently build a self-sustaining online business

So you can achieve greater success in less time and finally start living your best life without getting stuck in scaling your revenue even if you’re just getting started.

How I can help you scale your revenue online

Using a 4-fold approach: Align, Activate, Amplify, and Automate

Help you align your goals, market, brand and channel to get your foundation setup for long-term success in building a self-sustaining digital product business in record time.

Help you activate your online presence by designing a cohesive online brand and strategies that spark connections.

Help amplify your reach and attract new customers via targeted marketing strategies that trigger conversations, authentic messaging that melts resistance, driving organic traffic, and utilizing paid advertising to increase visibility and generate leads.

Help you implement automation & design effective marketing funnels that nurture leads, and guide prospects towards conversions, so you can have a more efficient and scalable business. 


Some interesting & short backstory about my journey

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My Core Values

Transparency and total commitment. I am genuinely always excited to collaborate with clients who appreciate and align with these values, demonstrating their dedication to their own success.

My Mindset

I’m firmly against the notion of constant hustling, following traditional route, conforming to popular beliefs (mob mentality), fitting into a box -I’d prefer to not restrict potential for growth. I believe true growth and success comes from embracing a mindset of unlimited potential and charting a path that is authentic to you.

7 Fun Facts about me

1) Started my entrepreneurship journey at the age of 15.
2)Studied both computer science and mathematics in college
3)Love chocolate cakes 🍰
4)Made my first million at the age of 24.
5)I burnt down my 1st successful online beauty business to pursue a corporate career in cybersecurity cos no one in my family has ever experienced corporate life. I was first-generation
6) I left my corporate career because I wanted to have more control of my life. I missed the entrepreneurial freedom that requires no permission from anyone but yourself
7) I enjoy connecting the dots to solve problems. I’d always choose to solve problems than talk about them.

I have hired several so-called gurus after trying to learn and do things myself only to get ripped off, working so hard and still have nothing to show for it. I love your transparency and the results I am getting in my business. I never thought of leaks in my business let alone trying to fix but somehow seeing your ads just made me try you and now I’m glued to you lol..

- Michele Corey

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Take Your Business To The Next Level with moves that count

Ditch the guesswork , tech overwhelm, information overload etc. and discover how you can use your current resources paired with actionable strategies and scalable model to start making moves that yield significant results while working less.



I want to grow my email list with dream clients

Take your list-building game to the next level. Discover how you can grow your email list organically & with paid ads, from creating compelling opt-in offers that entice your target audience to strategically placing opt-in forms on your website/landing page.

want to get customers online working with your laptop from anywhere in the world?


I want to scale my business and unlock more freedom

Find out the 6 things you must have in today’s digital landscape to successfully scale your business and unlock more freedom.